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News -- 28. 2. 2014

First tour dates for ELIAS KAHILA BAND (Finland & Sweden):

22.2.2014 Pihkuri, VIITASAARI
23.2.2014 Club Liberte, HELSINKI
8.3.2014 Ruby & Fellas, TAMPERE
15.3.2014 Bar 5, YLIVIESKA
22.3.2014 Poppari, JYVÄSKYLÄ
23.4.2014 Lielahti-Keskus, TAMPERE
9.6.2014 Stampen, STOCKHOLM
11.7.2014 Zet-Bar, SALO
18.7.2014 Oliver´s Corner, ROVANIEMI
19.7.2014 Ykän Pub, OULU

The new line-up is:
Elias Kahila, CELLO
Kristian Ijäs, DRUMS
Kalle Saarelma, BASS

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Photos by Tomi Tuuliranta

Check our new music video "LITTLE WING" here:

News -- 21. 11. 2013

Brand new music video from Elias Kahila Band "ODE FOR THE SHAKES" is now on Youtube!

And please vote for us to play in SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL here!

News -- 30. 5 . 2 0 1 2

Elias Kahila Band is interviewed on finnish TV channel "TV2", on a program called "Suora Linja" wed 30.5 kl 19.20 finnish time!

You can watch the episode also from the Yle Areena. It is viewable
for a month after broadcast, and can be watched outside Finland as well. The interview starts at 5.05.

News -- 15. 05 . 2 0 1 2

Full Line-up of Elias Kahila Band (cello,drums,bass,vocals) will make their first live performance on Sweden
by performing at Stockholm 4.6.2012 at Kungträdsgården (Smaka På Stockholm -festival) at kl 16.00.
See you there!

The band is working on their first full line-up band video for Youtube.... Coming in july ´12, so stay tuned!

News -- 28.11 . 2 0 1 1
Elias has started to teach pop/rock cello via Skype! Click here for more info!
And check out a new Cello Tutorial on youtube!

N E W S -- 29.6 . 2 0 1 1
Pictures from Elias Kahila Band´s acoustic gigs 1-4.6.2011 in Stockholm, Sweden viewable here!
THANK YOU SWEDEN for a great first visit with Elias Kahila Band. Hoping for many more..

We may come back next year with the full band. Plus there are plans of getting us to perform in
Edinburgh, Scotland next spring. Keep checking this page, and facebook..

Please spread the word and help us get a label/management so that we can pefform for YOU in your city!

N E W S -- 18.5 . 2 0 1 1
Great pictures from our second ELIAS KAHILA BAND show viewable here!!

TWO gigs confirmed to STOCKHOLM, Sweden!
We will perform as an acoustic version of our band in "Smaka På Stockholm" -festival
in downtown park Kungsträdgården, Stockholm 2.6.2011 and 3.6.2011 at 12.00 (both days).

More info here!

N E W S -- 24.4 . 2 0 1 1
Pictures from the first ELIAS KAHILA BAND -gig from Äänekoski, Finland viewable here in Facebook!
(you dont need a Facebook access to view these photos)

We will be playing festivals and clubs in Finland this summer. Would love to play in your country as well!
Please drop us a line on Facebook, or email kahila@kahila.net ,thanks!

N E W S -- 23.6 . 2 0 1 0

The Michael Jackson UK Fan Club reports of Kahila´s Michael Jackson covers on their LATEST NEWS section.
Please check it out here.

Also the Japanese Michael Jackson Fan community "YouRockMyWorld"
recently reported about the Kahila MJ cello covers.

Last, but not least, there´s a new cover on youtube... Alicia Keys "If I Aint Got You", enjoy!:

N E W S -- 16.6 . 2 0 1 0

Have a groovin´ summer everybody! NEW cover on youtube: Michael Jackson "JAM" funk-cello cover:
(For high quality please click here)

Update on Stockholm gig: Current date is 29th August, but there is a possibility for a date change.
Please check the latest info here:
(Michael Jackson Tribute Gala)

N E W S -- 8. 3 . 2 0 1 0

New cover on youtube: Michael Jackson´s "Earth Song" rock cello cover:
(For high quality please click here)

N E W S -- 23. 2 . 2 0 1 0

Yo fellas! Please join the official Facebook fansite for all the Elias Kahila Youtube
funk-cello-groove-popgasm-mayhem here!

N E W S -- 17. 11 . 2 0 0 9

New cello covers on Elias Kahila Official Youtube site:
Michael Jackson "You are not alone", and Eagles "Desperado"!

(High Qualityhere)

N E W S -- 5. 9 . 2 0 0 9

New funk-cello video (cover of Justice´s song "D.A.N.C.E") on YOUTUBE:
(For HQ-quality please click here (recommended)

N E W S -- 18.7. 2009 :
Please check out Cleveland-based Marc Allender´s Bowed Radio (Episode 077, July 19).
They played material from Kahila´s 2006 solo album "Break Point" on their recent internet radio show.


N E W S -- 11. 5. 2009 :

Please check Elias Kahila playing a "funk-cello" cover of the Red Hot Chili Peppers
song "Tell me baby" on Youtube here: Red Hot Chili Peppers Funk-cello cover

More cello cover videos can be found on Elias Kahila Youtube Channel.

Couple of words from Elias:

"It starts from learning the blues for both hands. Rhytmic stuff has always
influenced me the most, bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Michael Jackson,
Toto, Stevie Wonder.. Later there will be a CD and gigs, containing best songs from
these bands - but with this crazy funk-cello twist."

"It´s been great to notice all the nice comments and spreading the word,
so big THANK YOU to all you cool people out there. I am working on new funk-cello
covers at the moment. I have three options for the next one. It´s gonna be Michael Jackson,
Justice(D.A.N.C.E) or Stevie Wonder. But there definetily will be more Red Hot Chili Peppers covers too.

N E W S -- 25. 2. 2009 :
New video up in Youtube Elias Kahila channel - AC/DC Back in Black cello cover. Please check it out here:


N E W S -- 5. 12. 2008 :
Elias Kahila is involved in a new finnish band "Dead By You". Dead By You has just been working
on two new song with a famous rock-producer Johnny Lee Michaels. Full-length album release will follow at some time.

Please give it a listen at http://www.myspace.com/deadbyyou !

N E W S -- 14. 10. 2008 :
Official Elias Kahila channel in Youtube is finally open at http://www.youtube.com/eliaskahila
Please subscribe,there are more videos to come.

N E W S -- 10. 08. 2008 :

According to Equal Dreams onlinestore official charts, Elias Kahila song "Calling"
made it to 11th most popular song of the overall, and 4th most popular song of Rock Charts,
of the debut week on Equal Dreams onlinestore. Woohoo!

N E W S -- 01. 08. 2008 :

Songs from Break Point CD are finally available as mp3 direct download purchase!
Finnish online shop "Equal Dreams" is offering Break Point
songs separately for 0,9 euro each. Download options include mp3 or lossless flac -format,
without DRM copy protection. Service is available also outside Finland,
payment methods include Visa, Mastercard, finnish online banks, etc.

On touring news, Holland september 2008 tour has been postponed.
Gigs will be re-scheduled to happen in 2009.

N E W S -- 29. 05. 2008 :

The new Break Point -Tour photo slideshow is now online on Youtube!

N E W S -- 15. 05. 2008 :

This summer cellorock-show extravanga returns in Holland! The first CONFIRMED date:

23.8.2008 AMSTERDAM, The Cave

More to come.

UPDATE: September 2008 gigs in Holland (Amsterdam, Den Hague, Boskoop) are cancelled,
but will be rescheduled to take place sometime in 2009. Thank you for your patience.

N E W S -- 20. 12. 2007 :
Happy Christmas & Rockin´ New Year 2008!

"We´re trying to get gigs to Holland for the second week of April 2008, but it is
not sure whether it will happen then. Anyway, hopefully sooner or later something will be arranged!
There´s a lot of stuff going on here in Finland: I had 63 gigs this year, most of them cellorock-shows."

"I´m constantly developing cellorock, and cellorock -technique. There´s new things to come
next year, but until then keep on checking this site for updates. Also please check:
http://www.myspace.com/eliaskahila " -Elias

N E W S -- 26. 03. 2007 :
Dutch news-media "De Gelderlander" did a tv-interview from Kahila´s Holland Tour.

Check the video here!

"I´m back safely in Finland - Holland was a BLAST!
I´m looking forward coming back there!
Mayonese Rocks.."


N E W S -- 10. 03. 2007 :
A few teasers for the upcoming March 2007 Holland Tour, check the newest live picts here!

"It will be kick-ass show, I cant wait to come to play there, I´m sure the
Holland gigs are gonna be a lot of fun and VERY special. I hope to see everyone there!"
Elias 10/3/07

For the latest on Holland Tour news, please check http://www.myspace.com/eliaskahila

update: Elias Kahila online-radio interview about the upcoming Holland gigs
on DiviningLine´s Radio on March 16th (Thursday from 8 PM - 12 AM Pacific Time)

N E W S -- 20. 02. 2007 :
As dutch gigs in are getting nearer, here´s a new
Elias Kahila interview (in english!) on myspace! Check it out.

And here are the dates - BREAK POINT TOUR in Holland! :

22th March 2007 Nijmegen Venue: Musikcafe Trianon (showtime 21.30)
22th March 2007 Nijmegen Venue: Musikcafe Trianon (showtime 23.00)
24th March 2007 Nijmegen Venue: Cafe Allicht (showtime 21.30)


N E W S -- 21. 12. 2006 :

"It´s been a successful year here for me here in Finland. But also
a lot of hardwork!! For year 2006 I counted 67 gigs, about
20 000 touring kilometers, Break Point -release, and sick amount
of practise hahaha. I almost got a burn-out on one point but that´s
part of the game. C ya on BP tour 2007 in Holland! Elias "

N E W S -- 2. 12. 2006 :

Break Point TOUR will go to Holland in MARCH 2007! First confirmed date:

24th of March 2007 City: Nijmegen, Venue: Cafe Allicht

More information coming later.

N E W S -- 6. 11. 2006 :
On Myspace Official Elias Kahila site (http://www.myspace.com/eliaskahila),
there is a NEW CONTEST going on - Answer questions regarding Elias Kahila´s new
cd Break Point, and you have a chance to win a free signed copy of Break Point CD!

Please, waste no time and take part in the contest.
Enter the contest before 19th of November.

Kahila is planning to do gigs outside Finland next summer.
Expecially if you are a promoter or a bar organiziser, and interested
in co-operating, in Holland or Germany, please send email. Thanks.

N E W S -- 25. 09. 2006 :
2 NEW Break Point -CD reviews are online! Both german and dutch reviewers
seem to like the CD. Here´s the links:

www.rocktimes.de review (in german)
www.dprp.net review(in english)

N E W S -- 28. 08. 2006 :
Elias Kahila is about to continue his BREAK POINT -tour 7th of September
in Finland. We´re all the time trying to find ways doing gigs outside finland.

The NEWS is that Kahila has his Official Myspace -site up.
You can listen (streaming listening) to four songs there, write comments
and read Kahila´s blogs and updates.

The address is: http://www.myspace.com/eliaskahila

BIG thanks to Christine Westbroek for her help there. Also thanks
to the myspace cellorock community(& Helmut) for
spreading the word and supporting this music!

N E W S -- 13. 07. 2006 :
Cellorock-Show pictures from the recent Jyväskylän KESÄ -festival gig 12.7.06 viewable here!

N E W S -- 03. 06. 2006 :
Vote for your favourite song from Break Point here!
(Attention: Only one vote is allowed from same PC or IP-address.
After voting, Close the vote window to get back on the news page)

N E W S -- 17. 05. 2006 :
The new album BREAK POINT has gotten very good reviews of the finnish music press.
The biggest finnish Metal music site IMPERIUMI gave "Break Point" 8 stars out of 10!
They also did a long interview. It´s all in finnish, thought.
Sooner or later reviewers outside Finland will also receive the cd.
Stay tuned!


You might also want to visit Elias Kahila site on Myspace.

N E W S -- 14. 04. 2006 :

Check out a new Elias Kahila live internet-radio audio interview
from the newest Dividing Line´s Rogues Gallery Show here!
Three brand-new Kahila tracks from "Break Point" were also
broadcasted during the radio show!

Random thoughts from Elias:

"Just listened to it myself, and boy I sound tired and...dizzy!
hahaha... I have had a really really tough schedule promoting "Break Point"
here and the interview was broadcasted live about ten minutes
after I had woke up early this morning. Anyway, Frans Keylard´s Rogues Gallery
is a very cool progressive rock internet radio, and it was really worth it,
and I hope everybody enjoyed my visit. I appreciate their ongoing
support for cellorock and the new album "Break Point"."

BUY IT NOW from Record Shop X!

N E W S -- 09. 04. 2006 :

Besides sending email to kahila@kahila.net , you can
also buy the new Elias Kahila CD "BREAK POINT" from a finnish store RecordShop X,
which also delivers outside Finland and webstore pages are in english.
The direct link to "Break Point" information/ordering page is:


NEW CLIPS! Clips from the final master of "BREAK POINT" -album are finally here!
You can download 5 mp3-samples from the new cd "BREAK POINT"(there are 9 songs alltogether on the CD):

1.BREAK POINT - 3.7 mb, 1m37s
2. CALLING - 1.4 mb, 35s
3. ROSIE - 2.0 mb, 53s
4. WILDCATZ - 1.4 mb, 37s
8. AFTER SUNDOWN - 1.1mb, 29s

All compositions are by Elias Kahila. Arrangements are by
Elias Kahila, Jyri Sariola & Petteri Sariola.

here is the cover of the new album "BREAK POINT"!

N E W S -- 06. 04. 2006 :


You can buy the new cellorock-cd now by sending email to

Include your address and other contact information on your e-mail.
It is possible to use PayPal, or other options. More info is provided by email.
The price for Europe is 17e +sending fee 1,7e (18,7 euro alltogether),
and for outside Europe 17e +sending fee 2,5e (19,5 euro alltogether)

"Break Point" will soon be avaiable in a few shops also in
Rotterdam & Amsterdam (Holland). More info coming soon.

Kahila is currently busy touring & doing interviews in Finland on "Break Point TOUR 2006".
You may check his busy 30-something concert calendar from the finnish news page.
Kahila hopes to be able to tour outside Finland too, and is trying
to get opportunies to do concerts for ex. in Holland and Germany.

CD "BREAK POINT" contains 9 songs, from ballads to funk to rockers. Here is the tracklist of "Break Point":

1. Break Point
2. Calling
3. Rosie
4. Wildcatz
5. Amanda
6. Andromedean Rhapsody(remake06)
7. Caddo Lake Anthem
8. After Sundown
9. Attitude

Audio pages will be updated soon with new samples from the final versions
(current ones are from the older master version)

This site will be updated more oftenly in the future, so check back soon for more info!
Also you may check a new-generation internet radio "Dividing Line" Rogues Gallery show,
where Kahila´s new "Break Point" material is played oftenly.

Finally, some comments from Elias: "Hey there! Thanks for your patience,
it was really a long ride making this album; 2.5 years, but it was worth it!!
The CD has received very positive reactions here in Finland, so everything
is going okay here! I am doing a nice long tour here now and it´s been a blast
playing these songs live. Hope to c ya soon!!"

N E W S -- 20 . 12 . 2 0 0 5 :

The new cellorock-CD (working title "Break Point") is being finalized at the moment.

Kahila is still looking for a record company.

Release of the CD may happen sometime in Spring 2006.
Thanks for your patience & interest!

N E W S -- 14 . 10 . 2 0 0 5 :

New pictures from the recent album recordings now online at the media section.

N E W S -- 8 . 10 . 2 0 0 5 :

Four new soundclips online from the recent studiosessions!

Elias Kahila:
"CALLING" (3,47 Mb, 1m 31sek)

Elias Kahila:
"AFTER SUNDOWN" (1,07 Mb, 28sek )

Elias Kahila:
"TAKE CONTROL" (1,6 Mb, 42sek)

Elias Kahila:
"ROSIE" (2,0 Mb, 50sek)

Kahila is going to visit Holland in march 2006 to promote the fourtcoming CD. Any contacts
from the dutch music scene/music press is welcomed! kahila@kahila.net

Record companies has been interested in co-operating, but Kahila has not yet signed. He is looking
for the best suitable record label. So, all contacts from the record labels are welcomed at this point.

N E W S -- 20 . 7 . 2 0 0 5 :

A collection of newest Kahila picts is now viewable here.
(Opens in a new window, close the window to get back)

You can also listen to a new Elias Kahila radio interview by clicking here.
At the site, click kuuntele. All is in finnish, though.
The station is one of the biggest main channels in Finland.

Elias is known for working on lots of finnish tv and document projects.
In Finland, there´s currently running a program of a famous finnish book writer,
Olavi Paavolainen. Outside Finland, You can listen to Kahila´s folk-themed cello improvisations
during the program also from the satellite channel TVFINLAND. The airing times
for the last three programs are:

16.7. klo 18.25
23.7. klo 18.25
30.7. klo 19.50

The program has an official homepage right here (finnish).

Carefully thinking, It seems that a few things are indicating that Kahila
could be able to go outside Finland to promote the fourthcoming solo album
and and do some gigs, mainly in a few European countries specifically.
Nothing is confirmed, though. If you have contacts or ideas or
if you represent European/Other world media, please e-mail!

N E W S -- 29 . 5 . 2 0 0 5 :

New Sector up!

Official "Elias Kahila Artist Fact File" is now online in english!

A little bit of update on the upcoming CD & gigs from Kahila:

"It´s going strong, I have a team with some NEW killer musicians, it brings
fresh vibe in the studio. We will finish the cd later this year,
and have it ready to release next year accompanied by a tour."

N E W S -- 07 . 4 . 2 0 0 5 :

Brand-New Kahila cellorock material will be played on-air on the Internet radio channel
Dividingline´s "ROGUES GALLERY"-program.

Time: this Thursday 7.4.05 from 8 PM - 12 AM Pacific Time.

That means friday morning(8.4.05) in Europe: 5 - 9 AM dutch time, 6 - 10 AM finnish time.
Kahila´s new material is expected to be played at around the half-way of the four-hour program.

You can also talk to Kahila during the airing.

You can also later download the radio program and listen after the actual airing.

Rogues Gallery

N E W S -- 31 . 3 . 2 0 0 5 :

Please download & listen the newest studio clips!

¤¤¤ Download & Listen ¤¤¤

¤¤¤ Download & Listen ¤¤¤

Fresh comments from the man himself.. :
"We´ll be targeting the release in 2006. "Amanda" is a ballad amongst three ballads
alltogether that will be on the upcoming CD. Other stuff is something
between heavy metal and progressive rock, clips can be listened on the audio page.
When the album is released, after extensive touring in Finland,
we REALLY try to come to do gigs in nothern-america, central-europe,
in Holland for ex. If you can help, please e-mail!"

N E W S -- 09 . 3 . 2 0 0 5 :

Please check the brand-new StudioReport of the upcoming
album´s recording sessions with pictures Here!

N E W S -- 10 . 2 . 2 0 0 5 :

Kahila will hit the studio next time friday 26th of february.

"We will finish a melodic ballad and a rocker. There may be audio clips here
from the new stuff in march. At this point you should continue being patient,
as making the record takes time. If I was signed on a
record company it would certainly be a boost."

The latest gigs in Finland were a success;
"I wish I could bring this show to other countries too.
I´m constantly trying to figure out how to do that."

In Other news..
Kahila´s cello playing will be on TV next summer, in a document of a finnish book writer.
Kahila will play his own improvised versions of older finnish folk songs during the program
. He was also featured on two choir projects in finland. A finnish choir released
album "Gloria Excelsis Deo" and Kahila´s cello can be heard on 11 tracks.
Kahila is also featured on metal band Silentium´s next cd as a featuring artist
and there is a possibility he goes on the road with those guys for a few gigs
sometime(in finland). In Finland he´s also getting good regognition as a classical cellist,
showing up for many orchestra/quartet/solo projects, so it´s getting busy..

You may see some updates in here, since the english version is now being updated more often.

Finally, a NEW SAMPLE is online


N E W S -- 13 . 1 2 . 2 0 0 4 :

Kahila is currently in studio recording new material for the cellorock-album:

"We have a good vibe and we´re ready to kick some serious ass in the studio. hahahaa!"

"There´s a ballad in the works as also more uptempo stuff, spreading the cello around..
Poor cello needs a holiday! Hehehe...But no. We will also re-record some drums.

I hope to have some clips here, and some in DividingLine´s Rogues Gallery
internet radio maybe too after I return. We´ll get back on this in January 2005."

In Finland, Elias Kahila got recently a Culture Person Award of 2004 from his hometown.
Reasons were the long career already with classical music on a very young age, success in classic
competitions as well recording own new-style cellorock music and performing live tours.
Many magazines reported about that, you can check more info from the finnish side
(But first take that dictionary...)

N E W S -- 18 . 0 9 . 2 0 0 4 :

Some picts from the exotic gig in Taivalkoski(Lapland,FIN) over here.

The new album is in the works and will not be released very soon.
Nobody knows yet when. Elias comments:

"Because I don´t have a record company yet, everything is still open.
I´m working on it all the time, but it´s going to require some patience.
I´ve been sending demo tapes to record companies,
but I guess they usually don´t get to hear it that way.

"If you are from/you know a good record company/promoter, please contact me,
as that is what I´m looking for right now."

N E W S -- 22 . 0 8 . 2 0 0 4 :

Elias Kahila will be featured also on this week´s Rogues Gallery internet radio show!

Remember to listen to it this friday/thursday(depending on your time zone) right here.

This time Kahila can´t be there as a guest on livechat because he´s doing a series of
cellorock-concerts in Lapland(Northern part of Finland), but here´s some greetings to the listeners from Elias;

"Last time I was there it was a really positive experience. Frans rocks. I hope you like the
new ones too, unfortunately I can´t access the livechat during the airing but
I send my hottest iceman greetings from Lapland to all of you !!

Keep your fingers crossed that an icebear won´t eat me here as a breakfast!!
And If they got me, I´m gonna offer the cello parts instead If I´ve done the gig already!"

N E W S -- 22 . 0 8 . 2 0 0 4 :

Looks like the internet radio thing got some buzz on! You can still listen to the
four-hour-show right here (you need Real Player to play it, click "archive" on the page).
Thanks Frans Keylard from USA and Christine from Holland for making it happen.

Remember folks, this cellorock album is still without a record deal, so if you have something for me,
don´t be shy to contact me, from the contact page or by e-mailing to kahila@kahila.net.

N E W S -- 22 . 0 8 . 2 0 0 4 :

One of the world´s leading progressive-rock internet radio stations, The Dividing Line, will
play some new material from Elias Kahila on next week´s show "Rogues Gallery"!!

Check your local airing times from the Dividing Line Official website


.USA thu 26.8.04, 8 PM - 12 AM Pacific .(Seattle, Washington)
USA thu 26.8.04, 11 PM - 3 AM Eastern (New York, Boston)
HOLLAND fri 27.8.04 5 PM - 9 PM (Frankfurt, Brussels)
FINLAND fri 27.8.04 6 PM - 10 PM (Helsinki, Athens)
JAPAN & KOREA fri 27.8.04 12 AM - 4 PM (Tokyo, Seoul)

For those of you who´ll miss the show, the show will be archived
and you can listen to it from their Roques Gallery archive page.

Elias will also join the program as a guest artist. You have also a possiblity
to say hello to Elias in live chat during the radio airing. Few words directly from Elias:

"Well, this is really cool, and man I appreciate their interest!
This kind of radio show could be what it is like in the future, so it´s exciting."

"It´s a honour for me to be airing on this radio, they don´t give a f*** of image or babes
or something, hey it´s all about music! And really the best musicians have been
there for interviews - Steve Howe from Yes, Mike Portnoy, and eat this; ex-eagle Bernie Leadon will
be there few weeks after this. Hahahaa, So - It should be a great show. Be there!"

You´ll need Real Player to listen to the show.

N E W S -- 06 . 0 7 . 2 0 0 4 :

The gigs this summer have been quite successful! In about a month Elias Kahila will
play as a warm-up for the most succesful finnish rock band of all time, Eppu Normaali, in front of 4000 people.

"It´s cool that in Finland they are starting to add me also as a cellorock artist besides Apocalyptica,
the only bad thing is that so far I haven´t been able to tour OUTSIDE Finland, and I think,
a little bit like Apocalyptica, that I have bigger demand for this kind of music outside this land.

"Last summer when we were in Helsinki, the audience was mostly non-finnish and that was cool,
a lot of french, german and japanese people came to me after the show. And every one of those
japanese people had their little digital video cameras running! hahaha, watch out for bootlegs! :)

As I was just a little while ago warming up the gig for latvian folk-metalband, Skyforger,
I though it would be a good idea to maybe do a tour together with a bigger name(in Europe),
doing a warm-up set for a headliner. It would be cool and I´m definetily searching ways
to do it and finding a suitable band! I would prefer to tour with an alternative rock/aor
or instrumental/heavyrock -band, so if you happen to know someone seriously,
please send me e-mail to kahila@kahila.net !"

N E W S -- 23 . 0 4 . 2 0 0 4 :

Tour & new single release in Finland this summer!

Meanwhile, here are the direct links to new studio material samples:

Kahila: ANDROMEDEAN RHAPSODY (remake 2004) (1.7mb, 1m10sec)

Kahila: CALLING (1.0 mb, 41 sec)

N E W S -- 02 . 0 3 . 2 0 0 4 :

Kahila is currently recording new songs at Perägrammari Studio in Finland with his new studioteam.

"This studioteam works even better than the band I had last summer when releasing the first
full-lenght record Rocking The Strings. I´ve got some great musicians, who have lots of
experience, to work with. Keep checking this site for updates! -Elias Kahila 02.03.04"

There has been lots of interested around, expecially outside Finland(which is very cool),
so the activity updating these english pages will increase in the near times.

Kahila is currently searching for a distributor/record company for the next release.