* pioneer of teaching pop/rock for cello
* teaching blues, pop, funk, soul, rock and metal for cello, all ages

Elias Kahila, 28, is a finnish pioneer of pop music on the cello. He has played live about 700 times
so far, ranging from classical competitions to rock, pop and metal and tours with finnish bands.
He has accomplished a degree programme in music at the Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences.
In December 2011 he finishes his degree of Cello Teacher, making his graduation work
"Pop/jazz -cello teaching online" the first ever in this genre.
He has released an internationally acclaimed solo album and does sessions for bands, tv and radio,
and has worked with Finland´s top rock-producers, including Johnny Lee Michaels (69 eyes, Apocalyptica) and Jyri Sariola.
Kahila´s main passion is introducing cello to pop music and expanding cello´s possibilities to new areas of pop and rock.

Elias Kahila & Grammy-winning TOTO keyboardist, composer David Paich (Pori Jazz backstage 2010, Finland)

Kahila got recognition from 7-time Grammy winners, american rock band Toto. The musicians, including David Paich,
Steve Lukather, Steve Porcaro, Joseph Williams all loved Kahila´s covers of Toto classics. Kahila met
TOTO keyboardist and founder David Paich backstage at the Pori Jazz Festival 2010. Paich says
he would like to work with Kahila someday and described Elias as a mixture of Yo-Yo Ma and Paul Buckmaster.

Elias Kahila pop/rock cello clips YOUTUBE:

Elias Kahila cover of Michael Jackson song "You are not alone"
Elias Kahila funk-cello cover of Red Hot Chili Peppers song "Tell me baby"
Elias Kahila funk-cello cover of Red Hot Chili Peppers song "Scar Tissue"
Elias Kahila soul cover of Alicia Keys song "If i aint got you"
Elias Kahila cover of TOTO song "Pamela"
Elias Kahila cover of TOTO song "Falling in between"
Elias Kahila rock-cello cover of AC/DC song "Back in black"
Elias Kahila rock-cello cover of Michael Jackson song "Earth Song"
Elias Kahila funk-cello cover of Michael Jackson song "Jam"
Elias Kahila funk-cello cover of Justice song "D.A.N.C.E"
Finnish band, produced by Johnny Lee Michaels,feat. Elias on the cello,Music video of "Waterfalls""
Elias Kahila Alicia Keys Cello Tutorial

Elias giving online pop/rock cello lesson via Skype (November 2011)


"For pop, the key thing is to learn the blues for both hands. I´ve created exercise patterns for the bow hand
and created methods for playing pentatonic blues-scales for the cello. Also beginners can start learning it and have fun playing some songs. It is
important to focus on the right things, and add learning methods from the pop music field. Practising classical music is good,especially
technical exercises, but you need more - learn how to adapt a pop tune, learn pop theory and train your ear. Play with a band to focus on
improvising and composing your own parts, and developing your rhytmical sence and timing; behind the beat, in front of the beat etc.
This way you have the basics to start playing anything from Red Hot Chili Peppers, Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys, Muse, AC/DC, etc on the cello"

"I'm available for teaching pop music on the cello internationally, on master courses,
workshops or summer camps and Skype online lessons.
For Skype lessons you need:
* A webcam
* Good internet connection
* PC with speakers or headphones

First lesson is free. The next lesson (45 minutes) will be 20 Euro per lesson.
The lessons are paid before the lesson takes place (via Paypal).

Elias´s teaching class (Nummela Music Camp, Finland JULY 2010)

CONTACT Elias Kahila for cello lessons:

Skype: eliask1983
Email: kahila@kahila.net
Phone: +358445345698

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